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Bring a new economy and tradable assets to your game.


Developing a game is complex and challenging in itself! You don't need to add a layer of complexity by trying to learn about web3 and blockchain tech and then figuring out how to do it securely.
Our team at Metalinq and Indorse are experts at everything related to blockchain, and we have been doing this for the last seven years!
Game developers can focus on their core competency of game development, while leaving the complex blockchain interactions to the Metalinq API!
We are all gamers at heart and want to remove the friction while using NFTs and crypto tokens for your in-game items and game currencies. Using our extensive experience building NFT projects, NFT marketplaces and blockchain games, we have created a suite of APIs and SDKs to make it easy for game developers to integrate the latest in blockchain tech in your game.
Gamers can use familiar web2 logins to create and manage their wallets and crypto in the background!
What's more, using our APIs, we can help you create a seamless experience for gamers to use in-game items and your in-game currency without EVER leaving your game. You can manage the wallet in the background using the familiar web2 primitives like Oauth with Facebook and Google while creating a non-custodial wallet. In simple terms, we don't hold your gamer's crypto; they still own it on their own while removing the hassle of installing a crypto wallet, buying crypto and doing all the transactions.

The Metalinq Stack

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